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Tuesday, April 13

9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. | English Language Development Institutes

English Language Development Coordinators Institute

This institute is designed for new English Language Development (ELD) coordinators in managing the various components of ELD program implementation and administration. During this session, participants will take an in-depth look at procedures related to English learners (EL) — including identification, placement, assessment, reclassification, monitoring, and reporting. Additional topics covered will include Language Instruction Educational Program (LIEP) design and evaluation, ELD curriculum and instructional designs, EL student growth and attainment targets, communicating with parents/caregivers, fostering collaboration, and facilitating an inclusive and supportive school climate for ELs and their families.

Bob Measel, Title III Director and Bilingual Education Advisor, Pennsylvania Department of Education, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Julia Hutton, Bilingual Education Advisor, Pennsylvania Department of Education, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Preparing Teachers to Educate English Learners: Feedback from the Field

This interactive institute is designed to bring together teacher preparation faculty and school ELD administrators. Participants will explore the strengths and weaknesses of content teacher and ESL specialist coursework. Specifically, the group will share ideas for effectively preparing teachers to design equitable instruction and assessment for ELs that simultaneously facilitate language development and mastery of grade-level academic content. Participants will explore ways to help pre-service teachers connect theory and research to Pennsylvania-specific policies and procedures. Conversations will also focus on administrators’ perspectives about newly-hired teachers’ effectiveness with regards to enacting in the classroom that which they studied in formal coursework.

Andrea Kolb, Ph.D., Statewide Multilingual Education Project Manager, Center for Schools and Communities, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania